Photographs - Our Specialty 

When perfection is required, The Framing Game is the solution.

Professional photographers call us to do full presentation of their images for State and Australian Awards. And we go the extra mile, always.

Whether professional, aspiring or just a happy-snapper, we will ensure your treasured images are showcased in the best way possible. 

Photos can be emailed or delivered in person on a thumb drive (call us before emailing).

Get those pictures off your phone or tablet and onto your wall today!

Tip: The medium on which you print your images is extremely important. Different medium bring out different colours & highlights. Photos can be printed on Matt, Gloss, Silver Halide (super high gloss), Fine Art Paper or Canvas. Consider printing on fine art paper for those special memories. 

Canvas Framing

We make all our stretcher frames to suit your original paintings or photographs. Depending on the size of your canvas, different thickness stretchers can be used to enhance your artwork. Once stretched, if you're still unsure of the overall "look", consider adding either a traditional frame or an *L* frame for a sleek minimalistic effect. We're happy to provide advice and assistance. 

Floating Artworks 

Fine art prints and originals are stunning when 'floated' within a frame. So what is floating? The artwork is placed on an acid free foam-board, giving a 3 dimensional appearance to your art when it’s recessed in a deep frame.  Double floating and mats adds an even more dramatic effect. Our experience in floating is second to none. 

Shadow Boxes

We also use the floating technique for 3D collectables, memorabilia and sporting jerseys. Cricket bats, surfboards, guitars are all box framed with a variety of techniques to hold them in place without compromising their integrity. Shadow boxes can also be made to have an opening door.  Each box is custom made to suit the dimensions of your object. It's a fantastic way to keep those special items on display and accessible too. 

Glass Choices

When custom framing, you also need to select the correct glass for your artwork. Don't be intimidated by this - we're here to help! Glass choices include Museum glass with 99% UV protection (the best of the best - the clarity has to be seen to be believed!); Conservation clear & non -reflective glass with 99% UV protection; Clear float or shiny glass with 60% UV protection; non- reflective and perspex (plexi glass).    

We embrace new technology in framing glass, and will always offer the best advice specific for your artwork and budget.