Do you sell prints & other artwork?

Yes. We have a number of framed prints & original artwork for sale, and are always updating our shop content. We feature many Newcastle scenes, which is a great gift for your visiting relative, friend or work colleague. We are proud Novocastrians and are happy to showcase what we think is some of the best scenery in Australia!

What is your turnaround time?

General turnaround time on work is approx. 1 week. For emergencies, we can do same day service, although please note this is not guaranteed (we can sometimes perform miracles, but the impossible takes a little bit longer). Mat or glass replacement us usually ready on the same or next day. We're that fast!

I have a painting that is rolled up...do you stretch canvases?

Yes, we do.

I left my art for framing several weeks ago...do you still have it?

Yes, your order is safely stored until you come to pick it up.

We do prefer you collect your framed work at the allotted time, and may send a few gentle reminders to you as storage is limited at our shop. We will be genuinely worried about your wellbeing after 6 months!


Do you deliver?

Yes we do, but a fee is applied. Please enquire for a delivery quote.

Do you sell mirrors?

Yes we do. We can custom-make a mirror in any dimension you prefer, using any frame you choose. We supply flat or beveled mirrors.

Do you have parking close by?

Parking is available in Hilltop Plaza carpark & the first 90 minutes is free. There are 2 floors of parking with elevators, less than 100m from our door. Drop-off and pick-up can be arranged at our front door (15 min parking only).  

Do you give quotes over the phone?

Yes we can, although we do prefer to see you in person. However, if you can supply the exact size of your work to be framed, and know exactly what your requirements are, we will always give you a quote. Pricing is dependent on your choice of frame, so please note that original quotes my vary depending on your final framing choice.

I'm a photographer & want to sell my work at the markets. Do you supply mats & backing?

Yes we do. We have many customers who sell their work this way.